Get into the Exciting Bonus and Promotions offered by 63JILI Casino

Get into the Exciting Bonus and Promotions offered by 63JILI Casino

Ever wondered if losing could lead to winning rewards? At 63JILI Casino, it’s not just a rumor—it’s a reality. Welcome to the captivating world of promotions at 63JILI Casino, where unprecedented rewards await you. Whether it’s welcome bonuses, birthday bonuses, cash rebates, or VIP member rewards, we’ve got it all. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure as you explore the next section to discover more about our enticing promotions.

100₱ Welcome Bonus for our New Members 

100₱ Welcome Bonus for our New Members 

Welcome to! We’re thrilled to have you on board and to express our gratitude, we’re offering a 100% New Member Welcome Bonus. Only For Members Who Register After   (20.11.2023) To claim this bonus, just follow these easy steps:

  • Sign up and make your initial real money deposit on
  • Make sure no bets are placed after using your qualifying deposit to activate the New Member Welcome Bonus.

Promotions Details

  • Free Bonus 100₱
  • Promotion Platform: JDB,FC,YB
  • Promotional Period:  2023/11/20 ~ 2024/02/29

Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to providing you with an exciting gaming experience!

Free Bonus100₱
Turnoverx 30
Max Withdraw100₱
Game PlatformSlot & Fish(JDB,FC,YB ) Only
Frequency Once

Rules for Promotion:

  • Each member is eligible to claim a single First Deposit Bonus.
  • This bonus applies solely to slot and fishing games.
  • The bonus is not valid for Color Game, Mini Roulette, Lucky Color Game, Thai SicBo 2, or Cockfighting. Any engagement in these games will lead to the cancellation of the bonus.
  • This promotion is tailored for loyal players. Any attempt to acquire bonuses through dishonest means will result in the suspension of your account.

Earn a 5% Bonus on Every Deposit with CIMB & KOMO

Earn a 5% Bonus on Every Deposit with CIMB & KOMO
Deposit₱100 – ₱2,000
Bonus5 %
Turnoverx 2
Max WithdrawUnlimited
Game PlatformAll Slot & Fish 

How to Redeem the Bonus in this Promotion:

  • To avail of this promotion, simply deposit through CIMB KOMO Bank (₱100- ₱2,000).
  • Any excess amount beyond the specified range will be automatically deducted during withdrawal.
  • Ensure that free spins or free games are utilized within the designated promotion period.
  • Each player is limited to one set of information; copying of information is strictly prohibited.
  • Modifying information such as phone numbers or bank details is not permitted during the promotion.
  • Please verify that the bank information entered is accurate.

Please note: Promotion valid: 2023/11/12 ~ 2024/02/29

Receive a 200% Welcome Bonus on your initial deposit as a new member!

Receive a 200% Welcome Bonus on your initial deposit as a new member!

Deposit ₱50 and get a ₱100 bonus with an 18x turnover requirement. Max withdrawals are capped at ₱300. For a ₱100 deposit, enjoy a ₱200 bonus with a turnover of X18 and a max withdrawal limit of ₱500. This promotion applies to all Slot and fish games, and it’s a one-time offer for the initial deposit.

Deposit₱ 50₱ 100
Bonus₱ 100₱ 200
Turnover                   X 18
Max Withdraw₱ 300₱ 500
Game PlatformAll Slot& Fish
FrenquencyOnly Once for the first time deposit
Validity:  2023/11/21 ~ 2024/01/31

How to Redeem Your 200% Bonus:

  • Sign up for an account on 63JILI.
  • Deposit the specified amount.
  • The system will automatically add the extra bonus to your account.
  • For optimal benefits, withdraw your funds immediately after unlocking the promotion.
  • Even if you continue playing and win big, your total withdrawal is based on your earnings after unlocking the promotion.
  • Utilize free spins or free games within the specified promotion period.
  • This promotion is valid for a single participation per member during the promotion period.
  • Each player is allowed to use only one set of information; duplicating details is not allowed.

Celebrate your Special Day with an Exclusive Birthday Bonus

Celebrate your Special Day with an Exclusive Birthday Bonus

Elevate your gaming experience with exclusive VIP bonuses at our online casino. Unlock thrilling perks as you climb the VIP ladder, from a generous 77 bonus at VIP 3 to an incredible 877 bonus at VIP 12. Achieve even greater rewards with a special birthday bonus by depositing at least 300. Start your VIP journey now!

VIP LevelBonusVIP LevelBonus
VIP 377VIP 8477
VIP 4127VIP 9577
VIP 5177VIP 10677
VIP 6277VIP 11777
VIP 7377VIP 12877
    TurnoverX 10
    Max Withdraw877
At least have a deposit of 300 on the birthday month

Exclusive Birthday Bonus for VIP Members (Levels 3 – 12), claimable once during your birthday month.

Example: If your birthday is in December, claim your bonus in December.

  • A minimum deposit of 300 is required in the birthday month.
  • Contact customer service to claim your birthday bonus.
  • This promotion is valid for slot and fish games only, with a maximum withdrawal of 877 PHP. Points exceeding this limit will be automatically deducted by the system.
  • No changes to personal information, such as phone number or bank account, are allowed during the promotion period. Please ensure your bank account is linked correctly. 

Enjoy a 50% Bonus Every Day at!

Experience daily excitement with our 50% bonus on deposits ranging from ₱100 to ₱500. With a turnover requirement of x6, maximize your thrill on all Slot and fish games. Members can participate daily, aiming for a maximum withdrawal of ₱750

Deposit₱100 – ₱500
Bonus+50 %
Turnoverx 6
Max Withdraw₱750
Game PlatformAll Slot & Fish 
63JILI member can participate daily in this promotion

How to Redeem the Promotion Bonus:

  • Exclusive to PayMaya and KoMO Bank deposits (₱100- ₱500).
  • Click the “Claim” button to activate the bonus.
  • Excess withdrawal amounts will be automatically deducted by the system.
  • Utilize free spins/games within the promotion period.
  • Each user is restricted to one set of information; duplicates are not permitted.
  • No changes to personal details (phone number or bank account) during the promotion.
  • Ensure accurate binding of your bank account
  • Promotional Period: 2023/06/22 ~ 2023/12/31

Maximize Wins with Maya Deposit Exclusive 63JILI

Maximize Wins with Maya Deposit Exclusive 63JILI

Boost your gaming experience with Maya Deposit at! Deposit 200, get a 300 bonus, and enjoy a reduced x20 turnover exclusively from Maya. Max withdrawal set at 1,000 on JILI, FC, PG, and YB platforms for slots and fish games. Available daily for more chances to win! 

Turnover Exclusive From Mayax20
Max Withdraw1,000 
Game PlatformJILI,FC,PG,YB(Slot & Fish)

How to Avail the Promotion Bonus:

Deposit the specified amount to claim this enticing promotion, available for participation every day.

  • Click the button to initiate the bonus claim process.
  • The system will automatically adjust any excess withdrawal amount.
  • Ensure that free spins or free games are fully utilized within the promotion period.
  • Each user is limited to one set of information; duplicate entries are not permitted.
  • Modifying information such as phone number or bank account during the promotion period is prohibited.
  • Be certain to accurately link your bank account for a seamless experience.

Claim your bonus now and elevate your gaming adventure on 63JILI

Claim your bonus now and elevate your gaming adventure on 63JILI

Unlock daily rewards at! By depositing every day, you’re in for extra excitement! Enjoy a free bonus of 300 on Wednesdays and 500 on Saturdays. Meet the requirements with a total deposit of 2,000 (Sunday to Wednesday) and 2,400 (Thursday to Saturday), along with specified turnover. Contact customer service to claim your bonus!

RequirementFree Bonus
Total Deposit
(Sunday to Wednesday) -2,000
Total Non-Promotion Turnover  – 9,000
300 (Wednesday)
Total Deposit
(Thursday to Saturday) -2,400
Total Non-Promotion Turnover – 15,000

Please contact customer service to receive bonus

Unlock exciting bonus points with our promotions:

  1. Unlock Your Bonus: Enjoy a complimentary bonus after achieving an x 8 turnover. The maximum withdrawal is set at 1000.
  2. Exclusive Game Access: Dive into the action with your free bonus, playable exclusively on JILI, FC, JDB, PG, and YB (Slot & Fish).
  3. Claim Your Bonus: Contact our customer service on the same day to secure your bonus. For instance, the Wednesday bonus is accessible only on Wednesdays and disappears after the promotion period.
  4. Timely Enjoyment: Ensure your free spins or free games conclude simultaneously with the promotion.
  5. One User, One Bonus: Each user is entitled to a single bonus, and duplicate information is not permitted.
  6. Consistent Information: Maintain consistency by refraining from changing your phone number or bank account details during the promotion period.
  7. Accurate Account Details: Guarantee a smooth experience by ensuring your bank account information is entered correctly.

Grab these bonus opportunities and elevate your gaming experience!

Refer Bonus Unlimited 

Refer Bonus Unlimited 

Unlock endless rewards with our Refer Bonus Unlimited program! Earn referral commissions and bonuses based on your new members’ performance. Commission and bonus calculations are transparent, ensuring fair rewards. Join now and boost your earnings with every successful referral. Your profit is just a referral away!

Commission Calculation

New Members63JILI0163JILI0263JILI03
Total loss amount of new member1,00010,00050,000
Total Promotion of new member5001,00010,000
Company Profit5009,00040,000
Referral Bonus50₱900₱4,000₱

Calculation Method

The table outlines the procedure for determining profit in the given context. It involves subtracting the total promotion amount from the total deposit to arrive at the company profit. This profit is then multiplied by 10%, yielding the final profit amount in Philippine pesos (₱). The formula is expressed as

Total Deposit − Total Promotion = Company Profit × 10 % = 50₱

This formula clarifies that the calculated 10% of the company profit is considered as your ultimate profit in Philippine pesos.

If You’re a 63JILI Member

  • Enjoy a 10% commission on the total net loss (excluding promotions) of referred friends.
  • Commission calculations are processed weekly.
  • Withdraw a minimum referral commission of 5 PHP instantly, without any turnover requirements.
  • Commission points settle every Monday at 2:00 PM; contact customer service for bonuses.
  • Ensure your account stays active monthly to maintain eligibility; inactive accounts result in automatic cancellation of referral commissions.

Bonus Calculation

Total Referral Member4060150
Effective Member3050100
Extra bonus100₱200₱500₱
Max WithdrawUnlimited
Required turnover
Released timeavailable only Monday between 00:00:00 AM to 23:59:59 PM


63JILI Casino provides a range of exciting promotions to enhance your overall gaming experience. These include a welcome bonus, birthday bonus, First DepositBonus, daily profit bonus, and rewards for feedback or suggestions.

To participate in the New Member Welcome Bonus, you must be a new customer registered and made the first real-money deposit at 63JILI Casino. The bonus can only be claimed if no wagers have been placed after using the qualifying deposit.

Players at 63JILI Casino enjoy rebates, whether they win or lose. The more you play, the higher your rebate. A turnover of 1× the rebate amount is required for withdrawal.


In the vibrant realm of 63JILI Casino, promotions aren’t just incentives; they are gateways to heightened excitement and unparalleled rewards. Whether you’re a new member enjoying welcome bonuses, pursuing mystery prizes, or commemorating your birthday with exclusive rewards, 63JILI Casino ensures a dynamic and rewarding journey. The diverse array of promotions caters to various preferences, creating a gaming environment where every player discovers their unique blend of thrill and rewards. Download the 63JILI Casino app now for an extraordinary gaming experience!