Discover the Allure of Dragon Treasure by 63JILI

Discover the Allure of Dragon Treasure by 63JILI

Embark on an enchanting adventure with Dragon Treasure, a cutting-edge fishing game that has undergone a modern makeover to captivate today’s gaming enthusiasts. Take charge of the mystical realm housing these dragon treasures, safeguarded by the majestic Golden Dragon God. No special skills are required to access this treasure trove; all that’s needed is your eagerness to delve into the thrilling world within the game.

Unveiling the Secrets of Dragon Treasure

Unveiling the Secrets of Dragon Treasure

63JILI presents the online casino fishing game, Dragon Treasure Fishing Game, featuring a fantasy-inspired theme with visually stunning graphics and captivating animations. Boasting five reels and five pay lines, the Dragon’s Treasure fishing game offers a unique gaming experience. Triggering ten free spins with an expanding symbol becomes possible by landing at least three dragon Scatter symbols, enhancing the excitement of the gameplay.

Understanding the Mechanics of Dragon Treasure

Understanding the Mechanics of Dragon Treasure

Embarking on the journey of Dragon Treasure is as simple as clicking the start button, setting the stage for the destruction of Dragon Balls to claim your prize. The equation of bet multiplied by odds equals winnings guides players through the various odds and consequences associated with each type of Dragon Ball. An innovative “Give Up” button empowers players to manually designate targets, adding an extra layer of strategic gameplay to the experience.

Bonus Games

Unlocking the Dragon Treasure initiates the complimentary round with exciting Bonuses and promotions, at Dragon Treasure. Commencing with six free spins, call upon the dragon to unleash its attack, impacting all Dragon Balls within the free game. This assault depletes the stored energy in Dragon Balls, enabling you to boost final multipliers by up to 20 times. Keep in mind that adjusting bets or abandoning the game during “Dragon Treasure” mode is not permitted.

Dragon Soul Unleashed

The essence of Dragon Treasure lies in the Dragon Soul, featuring five distinct effects designed to enhance the gaming experience.

Thunder Dragon Soul

Annihilating all Treasure Balls triggers the “Lightning Chain” feature, launching a formidable attack on each Dragon Ball. The Lightning effect, once acquired, eradicates all Dragon Balls, leading to more lucrative rewards. Exercise caution, as the Bet Chance and Give Up buttons are disabled during “Lightning Chain” mode.

Fireball Dragon Soul

Upon obliterating all Treasure Balls, the “Ultimate One Hit” component activates, ensuring the destruction of subsequent Dragon Balls. Additional x2, x5, or x10 multipliers add thrill to the assault. Modifying bets or forfeiting the game during “The Heat” mode is not an option.

Golden Shield

This unique Dragon Ball emerges when conventional Dragon Balls are destroyed, elevating the level of each Dragon Ball by one. It remains impervious to Color Ball and Dragon Soul Ball effects, presenting a distinctive challenge. The Golden Shield can directly convert into the same Dragon Soul effect during the Lightning Chain and Ultimate One Hit.

Dragon Soul Ball

Appearing when regular Dragon Balls are destroyed, Dragon Soul Balls can also substitute standard Dragon Balls with treasure balls. Similar to the Golden Shield, they can directly transform into the same Dragon Soul effect during the Lightning Chain and Ultimate One Hit.

Special Ball

Attainable by acquiring the Yellow Crystal during the Main Game, the Special Ball provides random awards with an odd number ranging from one to one hundred. Leveraging the lightning chain effect and the ultimate Hit effect can break through barriers and multiply your winnings.

Mastering Dragon Treasure’s rules and mechanics is paramount for triumph in the game. 63JILI’s creation thrives on a robust foundation, and players can enrich their journey to victory by tapping into the wisdom of seasoned gamers and engaging in online communities to share valuable insights and strategies.

Embark on your Dragon Treasure adventure today and revel in the thrill of an unparalleled fishing game where every spin inches you closer to treasures beyond your wildest dreams.


Dragon Treasure distinguishes itself through dynamic gameplay, featuring a variety of Dragon Souls and special balls that impart unique effects to each round, delivering an unmatched gaming experience.

Possessing the “Dragon Treasure” allows you to initiate the free game, commencing with six free spins. To summon the dragon and kickstart the bonus round, explore the game to unveil the method of unlocking this exciting feature.

The Thunder Dragon Soul triggers the “Lightning Chain” feature, unleashing a potent attack on Dragon Balls. Grasping its effects, and limitations, and maximizing its potential is crucial for an immersive gaming experience.

Adjusting bets or opting out is impossible during the “Dragon Treasure” mode, heightening the excitement of the free game and necessitating strategic decisions to maximize success chances.

The Golden Shield emerges when conventional Dragon Balls are obliterated, elevating the level of every Dragon Ball by one. Uncover the strategic implications of the Golden Shield and its impact on gameplay.


Dragon Treasure by 63JILI Casino emerges as a captivating online fishing game, blending innovation and fantasy seamlessly. With its unique Dragon Souls, special balls, and engaging features like the Dragon Treasure free game, players are in for an exhilarating gaming experience.

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