Revealing Dragon Fortune – The Ultimate Quest

Revealing Dragon Fortune - The Ultimate Quest

Step into the enchanting realm of Dragon Fortune – a thrilling shooting game crafted by JILI Gaming. Within this mystical domain, the regal Sky Dragon protects concealed treasures, eagerly anticipating courageous individuals like yourself to set forth on a conquest!

Dragon Fortune not only offers an exhilarating adventure but also presents multiplier rewards that can pave the way to wealth. Prepare to amass precious jewels and set your sights on the Grand Prize. Thanks to its user-friendly shooting game interface, both beginners and seasoned players can easily immerse themselves in the action, encountering a variety of airborne dragons. Your primary goal: defeat the Dragon King and seize colossal bonuses in the thrilling Fishing Game.

Discover the Wonders of Dragon Fortune

Discover the Wonders of Dragon Fortune

Embark on an epic adventure with Dragon Fortune, an extraordinary creation by JILI Gaming that opens the gateway to a realm filled with excitement and wealth. Immerse yourself in this enchanting world, guarded by the majestic Sky Dragon, where unimaginable treasures await your triumphant conquest.

Dragon Fortune introduces innovative multiplier prizes capable of transforming your fortunes. Gather precious jewels to pave your way to the Grand Prize, all within a game boasting a user-friendly shooting interface accessible to both novices and seasoned players alike. Your odyssey will challenge you against a myriad of airborne dragons, with the ultimate goal of dethroning the Dragon Fortune and claiming your well-deserved rewards.

Play Dragon Fortune: Summon the Dragon Kings

Play Dragon Fortune: Summon the Dragon Kings

Embark on a classic straight shooter game as you delve into Dragon Fortune. Your mission is to summon the legendary Dragon Kings and seize their priceless jewel dragons and gold grand prizes. Take aim, shoot, and secure your favorite dragon to emerge victorious.

Dragon Fortune Highlights

Dragon Fortune Highlights

Unveil the Gold Rock Dragon

  • Capture the Golden Stone Dragon to claim the bonus displayed on the board.
  • The higher your bet, the greater the rewards, reaching a maximum of up to 80,000.
  • Boost your winning bonus by Increasing your bet.

Experience the Effects of Dragon

  • Eliminate a dragon to shock nearby dragons, triggering Chain Lightning and causing a spectacular explosion among the targeted group of pterodactyls.
  • After a successful kill, access 3 rounds of the powerful Beam Cannon, dealing devastating straight-line damage to the pterodactyls.
  • Activate a soundwave post-elimination to stun the pterodactyls within its random wave range.

Chase the Jewel Super Prize Dragon

  • While shooting, players have a chance to receive the base multiplier rate or an exciting 2x Super Prize. Make a kill to unlock a lucrative 5x Super Wealth reward.

Unlock the Crystal Bonus

  • Every eliminated Jewel Dragon accumulates the collection value of the Crystal Bonus.
  • The accumulated value corresponds to the number of Jewels acquired, with 5x Super Wealth equaling 5 Jewels and 2x Super Prize equaling 2 Jewels.
  • The Crystal Bonus Game activates automatically when the specified accumulated value is reached. Strike the crystal to claim prizes, with 3 chances available and a maximum accumulation rate of 800 times.

Encounter the Immortal Dragon King – Nether Dragon

  • Each hit on the Nether Dragon offers a chance to gain the Nether Dragon multiplier, triggering shockwaves that attack the surrounding little dragons.
  • For each dragon hit by a shockwave, there’s a chance to earn a multiplier of up to 720 times their value.

Awaken the Dragon Kings – Ice Dragon, Flame Dragon

  • Defeating an Infernal Dragon or Ice Dragon activates a magnificent Awakening Attack, presenting an opportunity to win substantial prizes.

Meet the Special Dragon King – Sky Dragon

  • Hitting a Sky Dragon may trigger the Sky Dragon’s tornado, allowing you to collect up to 888 times the amount of gold coins within its range.
  • Target treasure chests around the Sky Dragon, with each hit offering a chance to win rewards, up to a maximum of 40 times.

Discover the Prize Multiplier

  • When attacking a dragon labeled as a “Prize Multiplier,” a random multiplier item (10%, 20%, 30%) will be shot out, applying to all dragon types killed within 20 seconds.
  • In case of disconnection, switching lobbies, or leaving the range, the player’s status will be cleared.
  • Gold Rock Dragon prizes remain unaffected during the Prize Multiplier event.

Engage in the Multiplier Comparing Game

  • Defeating certain dragons grants you a chance to activate this unique game.
  • It’s a dice game where outcomes between 1-3 points are considered small, while 4-6 points are large. In the game, the base amount corresponds to the multiplier prize linked to the defeated dragon types.
  • Success in the game increases your prize through multiplication, while failure resets it to zero. Each game allows a maximum of three rounds.
  • During the game’s progress, you can click the “Exit” and “Check Score” buttons below

Special Weapons

  • Missile- Launching a missile results in a deduction of 6 times the bet. Missiles boast a heightened probability of successfully capturing targets, and scores are determined by the original multiplier.
  • Railgun- Firing a Railgun deducts 15 times the bet per shot, excluding the Mech Dragon.
  • Free Thunderbolt- Accumulate energy with each shot, and upon reaching full capacity, summon the Thunderbolt for a wide-range attack.

Energy conversion and discharge are proportionate to the current bet. Energy clears after 3 minutes of game disconnection or when a player leaves the game.


  • In the event of any unusual display of game data, official backend data will take precedence

Dragon Fortune Paytable

Dragon Fortune Paytable

Regular Dragon

  • Payouts range from 2X to 55X.

Jewel Dragon

  • Topaz Dragon Payouts: 20X, 25X, 40X, 50X, 100X to 125X
  • Sapphire Dragon Payouts: 30X, 35X, 60X, 70X, 150X to 175X
  • Amethyst Dragon Payouts: 40X, 45X, 80X, 90X, 200X to 225X

Effects Dragon

  • Electric Dragon Payouts: 60X
  • Bat Dragon Payouts: 70X
  • Mech Dragon Rewards: Enjoy a complimentary area-of-effect bullet with a triple multiplier (Progress will not be preserved in case of a game disconnection)

Immortal Dragon King

  • Rex Dragon Payouts: 50X, 75X, 100X
  • Rock Dragon Payouts: 60X, 90X, 120X

Nether Dragon

  • Nether Dragon Payouts: 100X to 720X
  • Little Dragon Payouts: 15X
  • Awakening Dragon King
  • Ice Dragon Payouts: 120X to 240X
  • Flame Dragon Payouts: 150X to 300X

Special Dragon King

  • Sky Dragon Payouts: 168X to 888X
  • Silver Treasure Chest Payouts: 30X to 40X
  • Wooden Treasure Chest Payouts: 10X to 20X


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